machine moulding 

Autokast: Integrated casting at its best

Casting expertise, that has led leading name in key industries - automobiles, power and cement plants, windmills, machine tools and earth moving turn to Autokast. Time and every possible type of casting.

What makes this possible?

Fully equipped to cast anything

Casting in Grey iron, steel and S.G. iron, with precise dimensional control are Autokast's speciality. One of the few foundries which can cast such a wide range, meeting, national and international specifications.machine moulding

Thanks to our comprehensive range of manufacturing and quality control equipment.

Melting Section

a) Electric Arc Furnaces -5/6 ton cap. 2nos.
b)  Main frequency Induction furnace cap. 6 ton, 3 Crucibles (2 elecricals)

Moulding and Core Section

a) Hand-moulding in a modern work centre with mechanised sand reconditioning / shake out system. Casting up to a maximum piece weight of 8 Metric are produced.

BMD 'Air - impulse' High pressure Moulding System-

b)The largest of its kind in South Asia - is set up in the country in autokast for the first time. Air impulse' technology for sand compaction is the latest in the field and autocast has opted for this in keping with the trend of technological changes.
The high pressure moulding Line can produce Grey iron and S.G. iron in casting which are repetitive in nature and required in large numbers.

 machine moulding

The system consists of integrated sand Plant Air impulse moulding unit with pattern shuttle arrangement , automatic mould closing /cooling lines/punch out station/ integrated shake outand sand recycling system

.machine moulding

The entire mechanism is controlled through a Computerised control panel. This system can produce 80 moulds per hour in box size of 750 x 750 x 400/350 mm and is the best suited for mass production of precision castings required for automobile and engineering industries.

This High-Pressure System is supported by modern Core Shooters from M/s. Roperwerk,machine moulding

West Germany, using Hot Box, Cold Box and Shell processes and equipped with Core  Handling and Transport System. H25 and H40 machines are employed for Cold Box as well as Hot Box processes, while U190 and U200 are for Shell process.


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